3 Carpet Cleaning for Busy Moms

3 Carpet Cleaning for Busy Moms

While the entire household has a hand in chores, the mother almost always ends up dealing with most of the heavy-duty ones. However, they may not have the time to do this between the holidays and the new year preparations.

One of the biggest hurdles of cleaning is the carpet. The living room endures the most foot traffic in the house, especially when you entertain guests. If you don’t have the time to clean out carpets that have a year’s worth of dirt and grime in them, here are some key tips to remember for 2020. 

Hire a Professional Cleaner

If you have had your carpet professionally-cleaned yet, the new year is a high time to do so. Professionals use their own brand of cleaning methods, with some opting for steam cleaning, while others have deep cleaning equipment used for spot stains and clean them out.  

It’s best to go with a trusted carpet cleaning solutions provider, especially those that have deep cleaning approaches that also use eco-friendly suds. Think of this as a good investment, because carpets can be a source of comfort and aesthetic to your home.

Maintenance is Key to Clean Carpets for Long

Nothing beats professionally-cleaned carpets because that sets the atmosphere of a fresh and clean living space. After this is the bigger challenge for busy moms. After all, this entails regular maintenance to keep your carpets looking clean throughout the year. 

In some cases, you may need to do another professional sweep after six months, and this is a good practice to keep. Beyond professional help, it is also imperative that you set rules to ensure that you minimize cases of spills and unwanted dirt getting into your carpets. 

Setting up ground rules for eating can help, because even the crumbs can become hard to clean when they accumulate. When you have younger kids, make it a habit for them to wipe their shoes on the porch rug before entering the house. Keeping dirt and grime away from your carpet is a chore of itself, so build a habit and see the results. 

Use Organic Items for Pet Accidents 

In line with proper maintenance, household with pets will also do their carpets justice by sticking to organic materials when removing pet stains and accidents. Organic cleaners are good for carpets as they have minimal toxic residue. 

This benefits not only your pets but also you and the kids, because continually using toxic cleaners on the carpet may result in accumulated residue that can become dangerous in the long run. 

By doing these maintenance upkeep steps, you can minimize the damage to your carpet, and keep it looking new and clean until the next maintenance routine comes. When scouting for a good carpet cleaning provider, go for the likes of Cleanerus.

Cleanerus provides options for routine carpet cleaning, using only deep cleaning equipment and treatments. By using the best soaps and solutions, the aftermath of the cleaning does not threaten the household and makes maintenance easy for mothers on the go.