5 Ways To Make The Most Of Professionally Cleaned Carpet

5 Ways To Make The Most Of Professionally Cleaned Carpet

One of the best ways to get your home looking and feeling like new is to have professionals come in and clean your carpets. Under ordinary circumstances, it’s not recommended you wash fibers, but when the pros do it, the results are immediate, beautiful, and long-lasting. When you follow our five tips, you can make that new carpet last even longer.

Be Patient About Drying

When you’ve just had your carpet professionally cleaned, you’ve had it exposed to more cleaning agents and water than it may have ever experienced. Respect the cleaning process and give it some time. You may want to wait at least 24 hours before you start walking on the carpet again, and this is especially true for the furniture that was moved away from it. Give it a day before you replace furnishings in their former positions. This way, you ensure there’s no damage and no hidden pockets of moisture that could develop mold.

Avoid Unnecessary Sun Exposure

Your windows may give you a great view from your home, but if you leave the curtains drawn and allow sunlight to stream in all day, you’re not doing your carpet—or other furniture—any favors. Ultraviolet radiation is what is responsible for faded colors in dyed materials. This includes your furniture and your carpet. If you want to keep the colors in your home vibrant, minimize the exposure to sunlight, and only draw open the curtains when you’re in the room and want to enjoy some natural sunlight.

Use That Vacuum

You’ll get more life and color out of your carpet if you keep it clean, and the best way to do that is cultivate a habit of vacuuming your carpet. The majority of dirt and stains that get into carpet can be removed if they are vacuumed within a week of soiling. Try to turn vacuuming into a weekly habit, and you’ll find your carpet’s professional cleaning lasting longer. This will also help with smells, as well.

Clean Spills Immediately

Your best chance of preventing permanent staining of your carpet is to make sure you get to spills as quickly as possible. When a liquid gets into the carpet, don’t wait on it, not even for a few hours. Blot the spot with paper towels, and don’t scrub aggressively. Pushing a stain too hard may make it permanent.

Buy A Spot Cleaner

If you have pets or children that are prone to accidents, then a spot carpet cleaner is a good investment for your home. Spills and especially biological messes like blood, vomit, or pet urine are best handled with a strong oxy-formulation and a spot cleaner that’s like having a miniature professional carpet cleaner, but only for smaller messes. 

If you love your home and want to ensure that your carpet stays vivid and attractive, then we can help. Just contact CleanerUS. We’ll be more than happy to come down to your home, evaluate the size, and come up with a comprehensive plan to make sure that everything is professionally cleaned and ready to bring out the best in your home.