9 Ways To Keep Your Carpets And Rugs Pristine

9 Ways To Keep Your Carpets And Rugs Pristine

Rugs can add life to any room. Some are created to look like artwork on the floor, while others are plain and simple. One thing they have in common is their ability to warm your feet on a cold day. The only trouble with carpets and rugs is knowing how to keep them clean and looking good; especially those in high-traffic areas. Fortunately, with a little bit of work, you can learn how to keep them as pristine as possible.

First Things First

1) Understand what you have.

Taking good care of your carpet begins with knowing something about it. Before you clean and care for your carpet or rug, you should know:

  • The type of yarn it’s made with.
  • The type of backing it has.
  • Any special instructions from the manufacturer.

2) Ditch the shoes.

Make it a habit to leave shoes at the door. When shoes are worn in the house, it increases the amount of dirt and germs that are tracked over your carpets and rugs. Shoes can also wear carpets down faster than socks, bare feet, or soft slippers.

3) Vacuum regularly.

This is the best way to extend the life and beauty of your carpets. In high traffic areas, vacuum at least three times a week. In lower traffic areas, vacuum weekly. Adjust settings to accommodate for high or low pile. 

4) Have it professionally cleaned.

This is the best way to ensure that your carpets and rugs will last a long time. A professional cleaning can reverse the daily damage that is done to your rug.  Schedule a deep cleaning by a professional in Towson, MD at least twice a year.

5) Consider the furniture.

Heavy sofas and chairs are made heavier when people sit in them often. This can lead to divots and damage to the pile of your carpet. Use protectors on the feet of your furniture to prevent markings.

6) Keep it out of the sun.

The sun’s UV rays can fade the beautiful coloring of your carpet before it’s time. Do your best to limit sun exposure to keep the carpet from fading. Close the blinds or curtains when the room is not in use.

7) Rotate regularly.

For moveable rugs, rotate them through high-traffic areas to extend their lives. Purchase multiple rugs that can be rotated through the area if traffic is extremely high.

8) Remove pet hair.

When the weather chills out, your dog or cat will enjoy warming up on your carpets and rugs. To clean without causing damage, use a carpet brush, a carpet rake, or a standard squeegee tool to remove hair and dirt.

9) Keep up with stains.

Blot a spill ASAP, but don’t rub it. This can cause the spill to press further down into the fibers and increase the likelihood of staining. Scrape semi-solid spills with a thin spoon. As spills dry, vacuum them up.