Are You Prepared To Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

Are You Prepared To Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

With fall quickly winding down to a close, winter is coming up close on its heels, as it always seems to do. With the winter season, you’ll have a lot more time spent indoors, and a lot more for your carpets to contend with. Not only will all of this indoor activity make spills, stains, and wear and tear more prevalent, but the frightful weather outside adds in its own carpet abuses as well. The winter season is often a slushy, wet, muddy, and difficult season, which can really show on your carpets as winter goes on.

If you’re looking to keep your whole home clean throughout the winter, it’s the carpets that are like to give you the most trouble. It’s easy to quick mop the tile, it’s easy to keep the place dusted, but the constant in and out of the home with snow outside and slush in the streets is something else entirely.

4 Tips For Keeping Cleaner Carpets This Winter

A few tips can really help you to stay on top of your carpets all throughout the winter season. 4 tips for keeping cleaner carpets this winter are: 

1. Invest in welcome mats If you provide a place for shoes to be wiped, that dirt and debris will be far less likely to wind up on your carpets. Welcome mats kept outside of your entryways can be a really simple way to keep dirt from being tracked inside. 

2. Vacuum often – Debris that is allowed to be pushed further into your carpet does quite a bit of damage. Not only does it harm the cleanliness of your carpet, it can also harm the very fibers themselves. Dirt and debris will break down carpet fibers over time, and shorten the life of your carpet overall. Vacuuming often will ensure this debris is sucked away, and not allowed to stain, mark, or otherwise harm your carpet any further.

3. Keep outside clean – When you keep your outside clean, you can better keep your inside clean. Areas covered in dirt, mud, or soiled ice and snow are likely to be walked through by family members or guests, and that debris will then be tracked inside of your home. When you keep your outside walkways clean, you’re limiting the amount of debris that is likely to enter your home and settle into your carpets.

4. Opt for regular professional cleaning – Professional carpet cleaning keeps your carpets fresh, clean, and in good condition throughout all of the common and uncommon winter abuses. Carpets can be maintained, repaired, and kept in the very best condition all year long. 

Floor Covering Maintenance Throughout The Year

While the winter season is upon us now, it won’t be long until the spring thaw rolls around again. Professional flooring cleaning and maintenance ensures your carpets live the long and healthy lifespan you want for your family and your home. If you’re interested in maintaining your carpets this winter, contact us at Cleanerus today.