Breaking Down The Worst Carpet Spills

Breaking Down The Worst Carpet Spills

Any spill that makes contact with your carpet has the potential to leave its lasting mark. However, spilling a bit of orange soda on a carpet is going to be a lot less severe than spilling the same amount of red wine. Simply put, while any spill has the potential to ruin a carpet, there are some spills that are more devastating than others. Learning about these highly damaging carpet spills can help you to know what to avoid allowing in your carpeted rooms, or what spills will require you to call the professionals as soon as possible. 

The Worst Spills To Keep In Mind 

Knowing what these worst spills are ahead of time can help you to know when to get the pros involved. Rather than waiting it out or trying to get the stain out on your own, you’ll know that it’s going to take professional equipment and expertise to save your carpet in the long-run. These worst spills to keep in mind include: 

  • Blood – It’s difficult to avoid bloodstains in your carpet as this is typically the result of an accident, rather than carrying materials by choice into a room where carpet is present. Even if you’re cautious in a space, accidents do happen, and in seconds you could be facing an injury alongside what that injury can do to your carpeted surfaces. An enzyme detergent and water can be used to clean up the spill if it is attended to immediately after attending to the injury that caused it. 

  • Chocolate – When you think of carpet spills, chocolate usually isn’t high on the list. However, a few crumbs of chocolate melted into carpet fibers can be notoriously difficult to remove. It’s important to clean up chocolate crumbs as soon as possible. 

  • Bleach – Bleach is something of an interesting case. While it’s true that bleach is highly effective at removing stains, it’s equally effective at causing them, too. When bleach spills on your carpet, it’s best to simply call the professionals as quickly as possible to mitigate any damages it may cause. When storing bleach, always store it in a room that features a tiled floor that is durable and easy to clean. 

  • Nail polish – Like bleach, nail polish creates a truly difficult carpet situation. Using nail polish remover to remove the polish will also take color right out of the carpet’s fibers, and that’s about the only household cleaner that will be able to stand up against the polish itself. This creates a “rock and a hard place” sort of situation where you’d be choosing to stain the carpet further with remover, or leave the polish stain on its own. When nail polish spills on a carpet, always seek professional carpet cleaning as quickly as possible. 

Fresh Carpets For Fresh Homes 

Your carpet makes a huge impact on the overall cleanliness and atmosphere of your home. While spills happen during everyday life, you don’t have to simply live with the damages they cause. To see what we can do for your carpets and your everyday spills, contact us at Cleanerus today.