Could Unclean Carpets Lead To Liability Issues?

Could Unclean Carpets Lead To Liability Issues?

Carpets in rental properties, businesses, or congregation areas, in general, can be difficult to clean. For Towson, MD residents that own such properties, it’s no secret how important it is to keep a carpet as clean as possible. Having a dirty carpet, or a carpet in desperate need of cleaning, doesn’t just put off the wrong first impression, it can actually be something of a liability to Towson property owners. If a person is affected by the condition of your property, including carpets, you may be held liable for their damages. 

3 Major Areas Of Concern With Carpet Liability Issues 

Carpet liability issues seem to sneak up on Towson, MD property owners. They’ll consider stairs, the obvious safety hazards in common areas like handrails and uneven surfaces, and any potential code violations in their building, but they won’t always consider the carpet. 3 major areas of concern when it comes to carpet liability issues include: 

  1. Bacterial growth – Carpets can be the perfect environment for bacteria, and this bacteria can be harmful or make people sick. Any carpet that is not cleaned regularly and professionally is at risk for harmful bacteria, toxins, and allergens lurking deep within the fibers. This bacteria presence can cause a person’s immune system to need to overcompensate to fight the damages, which can make a person more susceptible to getting sick. For those with compromised immune systems, this could even lead to hospital stays. One type of microbe, mycotoxins, is well known to exasperate asthma conditions. 
  2. Animal urine – Even the most well behaved and well trained animals can sometimes have accidents. In pet-friendly apartments and buildings, residual urine could be lurking deep within carpets unbeknownst to those who spend a great deal of time there. Pet urine, particularly that from cats, gives off ammonia, which can lead to a number of conditions when breathed in by humans. Ammonia can exasperate asthma, cause COPD complications, increase allergies, and worsen symptoms of emphysema. 
  3. Rotting subfloor – Carpet padding is often placed right on top of your subflooring. Over the course of years, a combination of dirt, pet urine, debris, pollutants, stains, and moisture can not just begin to rot out the carpet, but the subflooring underneath. In too many instances, property owners of Towson remain unaware of the state of their carpet padding and subfloor, which can lead to dangerous situations very quickly. 

Carpet Cleaning For A Safer Space 

A clean carpet doesn’t just create a clean space, but a safer one as well. With regular professional carpet cleaning, one can avoid the liability issues that come along with having a carpeted space. Professional carpet cleaning works to eliminate dust, debris, dirt, bacteria, and urine, saving the subfloor and limiting the amount of toxins and pollutants that contaminate the air. By investing in regular carpet cleaning, property owners of the region can rest assured they’re offering the safest space possible to those they’re hosting, entertaining, or renting to.