Treat Your Carpet Right

Treat Your Carpet Right

A wall-to-wall carpet is a nice flooring option for residential homes. The thick, fluffy fabric is soft and warm against your feet, the colors can add to a room’s decoration, and the different designs allow carpets to fill several roles throughout your house. However, carpets need regular attention if you want them to stay in good condition. The fibers of a carpet may be warmer than a hard surface like wood or tile, but they’re also more vulnerable.

Vacuum Regularly

Over time, dust, hairs, food crumbs, and other daily debris find their way to the floor. With a hardwood surface it’s easy to see when you need to sweep or vacuum the floor since it’s hard to miss, but when these things fall onto a carpet they can end up trapped between or underneath the carpet fibers and disappear from view. That’s why it’s important to vacuum regularly even if your carpet appears to be the same as always. Another way vacuuming helps is by fluffing up the fibers after you push them down by regularly walking across your carpet.

Treat Stains Right Away

Hard surfaces like wood and tile can be very good at resisting stains, especially if the wood floor is completely sealed and the tiles have little to no grout between them. However, carpets are just as vulnerable to permanent stains as clothing, and you can’t just throw a carpet into your washing machine. Dark stains will set into the carpet fibers if you let them dry, so remember to keep a good cleaner on hand that you can use when you spill spaghetti sauce, red wine, or some other dark liquid on your carpet.

Get A Professional Cleaning Every Year

Weekly vacuuming is good for keeping a carpet clean, but a vacuum can only pick up so much dust and dirt. That’s why it helps to get a professional to give your carpet a deep clean that washes the carpet fibers all the way to the base and sucks up everything your vacuum has missed over the past year. Doing this regularly can help extend your carpet’s lifespan, keep your home free of dust, and make sure your home looks great for as long as you own it. 

Consider When To Replace Your Carpet

A carpet doesn’t stay in good shape forever. Stains can build up over time, carpet fibers can become frayed and fall out, the pile can become permanently crushed, the padding beneath can start to decay, and if a carpet gets wet often enough it can become a host for mold. On average, a carpet’s expected lifespan is around 10 years. You can get more years out of it by treating it right, but once you hit that point you should inspect your carpets regularly to see if it’s time to replace them. 

A carpet is a great flooring option, but it’s one you need to care for. Regular vacuuming and cleaning are essential if you want your carpet to last, and there are times when it needs a professional’s attention. At times like that, you can contact CleanerUs for a fast and thorough carpet and home cleaning.