Which Rooms Should Have Carpet?

Which Rooms Should Have Carpet?

For a while, it was fashionable to have wall-to-wall carpet in nearly every room.  While the kitchen and bathroom needed something water-resistant like linoleum or tile, every other room would have a soft carpet that owners and guests could really dig their toes into.  These days other flooring options like wood and tile are making a comeback, but carpet is still a good floor surface you can use in a variety of rooms.


When you wake up in the morning, it’s a nice feeling when you can climb out of bed and set your feet on a warm, fluffy surface instead of a cold, hard wooden floor.  You might not even feel the need to wear bedroom slippers.  Carpets also have the advantage of coming in every color, making it much easier to use them to compliment your bedroom décor.


A playroom would be the space where your kids can have fun with all their toys without getting in their parents’ way.  You might use this room to host a party or relax with your kids, too, but the main reason why you’d want to put a carpet in this space is because carpets can act as a cushion for roughhousing kids and keep their toys from breaking.  Of course, carpets can also be harder to clean than hardwood floors, but you shouldn’t worry too much about a few stains in a children’s play area.


Carpeting can transform the look of your stairs thanks to the way it evens out the steps and covers the wood.  Its cushion effect is useful here, too, since it can protect your toes if you happen to miss a step.  Carpets can also dampen the sounds people make as they walk, and while they don’t get rid of squeaky floors they can keep the noise from traveling through both upstairs and downstairs when people climb up or down.  The extra grip a carpet provides can also help if someone in your home has problems with their mobility.

Living Room

Like the name says, a living room is where people generally go to do their living room.  It’s the room with all the entertainment and enough seats to spare for the family and a few guests.  A good living room should emphasize comfort over beauty, but you can still have both by installing a loop carpet with an interesting pattern on it.  That way you get a soft, warm surface for your feet while the loop design makes the surface durable enough to handle a lot of traffic.

Interior flooring gives you all kinds of options.  Not only can you choose between vinyl, carpet, hardwood, tile, rugs, and more, you can also find all kinds of patterns, colors, sizes, and styles.  All that choice can make it hard to decide which room should have which style of flooring, but that’s when it helps to call in experts like the ones at Cleanerus.  We can help you choose which flooring types to use in which rooms, and we can help you install it when the time comes to remodel.