Combatting Seasonal Allergies in the Home

Combatting Seasonal Allergies in the Home

When you are able to control indoor allergens in the home, you can successfully improve your indoor air quality and ultimately combat seasonal allergies while in the home.

If you are an allergy sufferer, you may find yourself spending more time indoors, especially when the mold and pollen counts are high. So, why would you want to subject yourself to that same air quality indoors?

Today we will go over a few ways you can use for combating seasonal allergies in the home.

Can You Control Indoor Allergens?

First, we should find out if it is even possible to control indoor allergens. The answer is yes. They can be controlled with cleaning. The main sources of indoor allergens in the home come from pets, carpet, soft furniture, stuffed toys, bedding, damp areas, indoor plants, mattresses, and pillows and bedding.

There may be even more allergens settling onto different surfaces of the home, and they are easily disturbed and enter the air when you dust or sit on them.

How to Control Indoor Allergens

The following are a few ways to begin controlling indoor allergens in the home.

Control Dust Mites

To do this, you need to keep the home uncluttered and the surfaces clear. If you have bare floors instead of carpet, this is probably best. Carpet, including low-pile and rugs should be washed if you do have them in the home. You also don't want to use heavy drapes because these can easily collect dust.

Regular Vacuuming

You should also make sure to vacuum the house regularly - at least once or twice per week. This will help keep the allergens lower. When doing this, however, you want to make sure to have a good quality vacuum, or else those allergens will escape right back into the air.

Prevent Pet Dander

If you have allergies to animal dander, then it is best not have pets that have feathers or fur. If you do have pets, keep them out of the bedroom areas and close the doors when you are out to keep your pets from entering. It is also recommended that you wash your animal's toys and bedding regularly to help reduce the amount of pet dander that is in the home.

Avoid Mold Spores

Another way to combat indoor allergens is by avoiding mold spores. You can do this by controlling the moisture around the bathroom and kitchen. Never run the showers for a long time before bathing, use dehumidifiers, utilize humidity monitors, and limit yourself to just a few house plants.

If you have any leaks, these should be repaired immediately to help with excess moisture in the home. Finally, if you do happen to see any mold, you need to clean it immediately and then continue to wash that surface once a week to prevent it from returning.

Another great way to control allergens in the home is to have a professional cleaning company come in regularly to really give your home that deep clean it needs - including upholstery cleaning. Contact Cleanerus today for more information.