Stained Furniture Doesnt Have To Be Reupholstered

Stained Furniture Doesnt Have To Be Reupholstered

Furniture is often one of the favorites—and more expensive—investments that homeowners make when it comes to the home itself. Quality furniture plays a lot of different roles all at once, defining the look of a room, enhancing a home’s appearance, yet providing comfort and functionality for the people that use this furniture daily at home.

However, some furniture, like chairs or sofas with fabric, can be delicate as a result of the choice of surfacing. And while fabrics can look beautiful, they can also be visibly damaged by staining from fluids, dirt, oils, and other substances that can inadvertently make contact. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this, such as getting your upholstery professionally cleaned.


DIY Only Gets You So Far

Of course, if a spill occurs on a favorite recliner or sofa through the natural course of life at home, the most important thing you can do is respond quickly. Any spill should be treated with dabbing, not wiping, and if you’re lucky, especially with lighter colored fluids, it may not leave much of a stain.

For darker fluids, however, this may not be sufficient, and you may see discoloration in that area. Beyond just fluids, however, day-to-day life from constant use can diminish the color of fabrics as dirt and oil from skin and hair make the color lose its luster.


Professionals Can Help

While two expensive solutions are to either reupholster furniture or get rid of it and buy new furnishing, a cost-effective solution is to bring in professional furniture cleaners with the tools and knowledge to clean upholstery. In many cases, dirty upholstery can be an eyesore, but it can be managed with the right cleaning formula applied in the right way. Leather, for example, is not cleaned in the same way as a fabric.

With the right application, professionals can clean your upholstery and restore it for years to come. You might be surprised to see what a difference in the color you get from where the cleaners have done their work, versus the areas that have yet to be touched.


Good For Odors Too

Sometimes accidents happen, whether it is babies still in diapers, or house pets that are sick due to urinary tract infections or other ailments that aren’t their fault. The result, however, is that in addition to staining furniture with the discoloration of a biological contaminant, sometimes this can leave a smell as well. Deodorants applied can’t get rid of these smells, only temporarily hide them.

Professional upholstery cleaners, however, can do something about this as well. While store-bought enzyme cleaners might work for some minor stains, major odors can only be eliminated by “industrial strength” cleaners that professionals bring into your home.

So if you have furniture that you’re attached to, and you’re reluctant to get rid of it due to dirt or smells, contact CleanerUS. We have the experience to look at the furniture you need to be cleaned—as well as other parts of your home—and provide the treatment that brings out the color and gets rid of odors.