Effective Cleaning For Your Hardwood Floors

Effective Cleaning For Your Hardwood Floors

A fresh and clean hardwood floor brings a lot of aesthetic value to any space within the home. Not only does it bring aesthetic value, but cleaning your hardwood floors also ensures the longevity of your flooring. Hardwood flooring can be made to last for generations, with some homes hundreds of years old boasting gorgeous original hardwood floors still with the durability to last for hundreds more. However, in order to get the hardwood floors that remain beautiful for long periods of time, the proper care should be taken throughout the flooring’s life. 

Proper Cleaning And Care For Your Hardwood Floors 

Regular proper cleaning and care for your hardwood floors is important, with emphasis placed on proper cleaning. The steps you should take to properly care for your Towson, MD hardwood floors are: 

  • Regular simple maintenance – The first step to proper hardwood floor care is regular simple maintenance. This refers to regular sweeping, removing dirt, dust, and debris from the surface of your hardwood flooring, as well as setting rules for what goes on in your rooms with hardwood flooring. Not allowing shoes in rooms with hardwood floors is a great way to avoid scratches and unnecessary debris being tracked inside. Using floor protectors to prevent stains in stain-prone areas and furniture covers help to safe flooring from damages.
  • Determine your finish – Determining the finish of your flooring is an important step that too many don’t take. The finish of your flooring will make a big impact on how your floor should be cleaned and cared for, and if you’ve purchased a Towson home with hardwood flooring already installed, you may not know what type of finish has been used. A simple way to determine if your finish is pre-finished or surface sealed, drop a  few drops of water onto the floor and see if the water soaks in or lays on top. If it soaks in, it’s prefinished, and if it stays on the surface, it’s been surface-sealed. 
  • Don’t fear the vacuum – While vacuums are a must for carpets, they’re also quite important for hardwood floors. In the corners of a room or difficult to reach areas, dust and debris can pile up and wreak havoc on your hardwood flooring finish. A vacuum with a tube attachment can reach into these areas and pull the dirt out, saving your flooring from the damages it can cause. 
  • Choose the right cleaner – Choosing the right cleaner is the most important step when mopping or wet-cleaning your hardwood floors. A gentle water-based hardwood floor cleaner with a neutral pH will be safe and efficient for most types of hardwood flooring. 

Brilliant Floors That Last A Lifetime 

Homes and businesses in the Towson, MD region both benefit from the inviting gleam of hardwood floors. These floors can last for decades or more with the proper care, and once one gets the hang of care maintenance becomes simple. With regular debris removal, paying close attention to your finish, and choosing the right gentle cleanser, you’re giving your floors the life they deserve to have.