Hardwood Flooring Repairs Commonly Faced By Today's Homeowners

Hardwood Flooring Repairs Commonly Faced By Today's Homeowners

Just because hardwood floors are known to last a lifetime, that doesn’t mean it’s a lifetime with no issues. Hardwood is an organic material and one that is susceptible to several common damages, leaving homeowners wondering what they should do when something goes wrong.  

5 Common Hardwood Flooring Repairs  

Knowing what to do when one of these common issues pops up can really help you to save the longevity and beauty of your flooring. 5 common hardwood flooring repairs include:  

Split or cracked wood

Split or cracked wood is one of the most common hardwood flooring issues, and these develop naturally over the years. If the cracks and splits are small, a few angled nails to hold the wood together and a touch of wood putty to mask the blemishes can fix the issue in a matter of an hour or two, but larger cracks and splits may require professional attention.  

Gaps between planks

Wood naturally shrinks and expands with the moisture and temperature in the air, so gaps in planks is something that is often an inevitability over time. If your area experiences 4 seasons, you’re likely to experience gaps at one time. As weather changes and humidity causes wood to expand, the gaps may fix themselves, but they will pop back up when the wood contracts with the cold dry air once again. As gaps grow more persistent, a professional tightening can help to fix the problem for a time.  

Cupped floors

Moisture imbalance will cause cupped floors, where the edges of the planks raise upward while the center of the planks begins to sink down. The best way to fix this issue is to keep the humidity inside of your home well balanced, limiting the imbalance reaching the floors from top and bottom. Once the humidity is stabilized, a professional can sand and refinish the floors to eliminate any signs of the cupping.  


Scratches, to some, are simply part of the life of a hardwood floor, but they can do a lot to hinder the luster and beauty of the flooring’s look. With smaller scratches, filler kits or wood crayons can be used to lessen the look of scratches, but deeper gouges may require a bit more effort. Particularly deep scratches may mean it’s time to call the professionals to refinish your flooring once again.  

Warped floors

Serious moisture problems will cause wood flooring to warp, which is also known as sagging. Rarely is warping a sign of an installation problem, and the first thing a homeowner should look to in order to fix the problem is the type of moisture their floor is being exposed to.  

Long Lasting Beauty From Your Hardwood Floors  

Hardwood floors are one of the longest lasting flooring options out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re not susceptible to damage from wear and tear. Knowing what to do next when your hardwood flooring runs into a common problem is your best defense against flooring breakdown and your ticket to floors that last a lifetime.