Keep Your Hardwood Floors Gleaming

Keep Your Hardwood Floors Gleaming

A great deal of the beauty of a hardwood floor is in its gleam and luster. Hardwood floors have a natural ability to reflect light in a way that is elegant, timeless, and chic, bringing a sense of warmth and classic sophistication to any room in an instant. However, this gleam only exists when hardwood floors are free from excessive dust, which makes your floors look dull, lifeless, and unmemorable. 

Giving Your Floors The Proper Care

While hardwood floors don’t collect dust and allergens quite like carpet flooring does, that hardly means they’re dust-free. For those who want to keep their floors as dust-free as possible, all it takes is a little proper TLC to keep dust accumulation at bay. Some tips for keeping dust away from your hardwood floors are: 

  • Leave your shoes at the door – Your shoes may be comfortable, they may perfectly accent your outfit, you may be breaking them in, but they should always be left for outside. While you’re out and about, your shoes collect all types of dust and dirt, which is then transferred to your hardwood floors each time you take a step. Every bit of dirt you track into your home will turn to dust, and inviting dirt into your home via your shoes is inviting dust onto your hardwood floors. 

  • Keep mats ready – If guests or family members do wear shoes in the home for any reason, a mat by the door can make a big difference. These mats keep dust from shoes to the entryways only, as the floor mats collect all of this debris before it can reach your flooring. 

  • Microfiber is your friend – A truly clean floor will require the right tools to keep it that way. While cotton mops might seem like they provide a great clean, microber is even better. Microfiber mops pick up more dust and more dirt than the standard cotton mops, therefore leaving your floors gleaming brighter and cleaner. 

  • Keep a tight schedule – The best way to keep dust away from your hardwood floors is to stay on top of your cleaning. Putting off cleaning your floors for longer periods of time will mean more dust buildup to tackle later on, and chances are you won’t be able to really get it all. Keeping a tight cleaning schedule that you adhere to will ensure you’re always on top of the dust, rather than allowing the dust to get on top of you. 

Cleaner Floors And A Healthier Home

Dust-free hardwood floors don’t just leave behind a more beautiful home, but a healthier one as well. Dust can be a big trigger for allergies and asthma, so you won’t feel as good in your home as you possibly could. There are ways you can keep dust at bay, giving you the happiest and healthiest home you could possibly want. If you’re looking to keep your hardwood floors looking their best, call us to see what we can do at Cleanerus today.