Refinish Or Replace? What To Do With Your Hardwood Floor

Refinish Or Replace? What To Do With Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood makes a good flooring choice thanks to its durability and beauty, but any flooring is going to wear down over time and pick up scratches, dents, and other damage.   Eventually, a time will come when you have to do something about it, but what should you do?  Sanding and refinishing is the faster, cheaper, and easier solution, but there are a few reasons why you might have to replace your floor in Towson, MD eventually.  Read on to learn what some of these reasons are.

The Damage Is Structural

A few scratches are easy enough to buff out, and even if there’s a larger cut that digs into the wood you can usually cut out the damaged spot and fill it in with new material.  However, if something bad happens to a part of the floor like a deep scorch mark or a dropped piece of furniture that manages to splinter a board, you may need to consider replacing that part of your hardwood floor.  Still, for this kind of damage you shouldn’t have to tear up more than one section of your floor.

Your flooring situation may become more serious if you have structural damage in your home.   Depending on the affected area, the contractors you hire may have to tear up most of a room or even all the wood flooring in your home.  You may still have some of the boards left when this happens, but the damage will probably be too extensive to simply sand, refinish, and replace them.  At that point, you might as well completely replace your hardwood floor with a new one.

The Wood Is Gapping

Although the finish helps seal the wood and protect it from the environment around it, wood will slowly change shape and warp over time thanks to changes in temperature and moisture levels.  Old homes with equally old wooden floors can have gaps between the floor planks, and refinishing the floor won’t make those gaps disappear.  In fact, it often makes them worse.  That’s when you need to replace your old wooden floor with new hardwood planks that use a better, modern sealant.

The Fashion Is Out Of Date

Sometimes money is not a problem while fashion is.  There’s a lot you can do to change the look of a hardwood floor by sanding and choosing the right finish, but some things need more than just a new coat of paint.   For one thing, older wooden floors tend to have thin planks while newer floor planks are twice as wide or more, and many use artificial wood to save money and add variety.  If you want a truly modern home and you have a big enough budget to allow it, you should make sure you take the time to replace your hardwood floor.

Whether it’s damage or just a fashion update, there are plenty of reasons to replace your hardwood floor.  You should refinish when you can, but it’s important to know when sanding isn’t enough.   Fortunately, there are plenty of hardwood flooring options in Towson, MD.