VCT Problems And How To Fix Them

VCT Problems And How To Fix Them

Eliminating stripping also eliminates many of the biggest problems homeowners have with VCT refinishing. Each year homeowners spend a great deal of time, energy, and money trying to strip and recoat their flooring, as they cause a bigger headache than necessary while exposing themselves to dangerous chemicals. Not only do these chemicals release fumes, but they create a very hazardous slippery surface that can lead people to experience painful accidents.

Eliminate Stripping With New Coating Technologies

New coating technologies and new strategies eliminate the need for stripping when you plan to refinish your floors. A few of these new coatings and care strategies include:

UV resistant coatings – UV resistant coatings work wonders in stopping the discoloring that light can cause. Both natural and fluorescent lights can discolor the coating on your floors, leaving them dingy, yellowed, and in need of a refinish. With UV coating, your floors are protected and retain their original color despite exposure to frequent bright light.

Recoverability coatings – No floor coating, old or new, will withstand constant foot traffic over the years without experiencing a bit of damage. However, most floor finishes used today are designed to be stripped and refinished, so they don’t include the necessary ingredients that allow floors to release dirt effectively. Modern coatings, however, do include dirt releasing ingredients that allow floors to look better for longer.

The recoating process matters – Using modern coating technologies provides a bevy of benefits, but it’s also the recoating process that makes a world of difference. A consistent process that allows you to apply the finish with enough time in between coats is paramount to eliminating the need for stripping later on. If the coating is carried out too quickly, expect a dull and flaky look as the layers begin to pull away from one another.

Regular proper care and maintenance – One of the most important ways to eliminate the need for stripping is regular care. With a combination of using new coating technologies alongside regular careful maintenance, your floors can last for a decade throughout heavy traffic without any need for stripping and recoating to restore luster and shine. Microfiber dust mopping, cleansers that don’t alter the pH of the coating, and using green cleaning systems can greatly prolong the life of coatings of all kinds.

Stripping Ruins Your VCT

Avoiding stripping is the single best way to prolong the life of your VCT flooring. While complete elimination of stripping isn’t reasonable at this time, limiting the amount of stripping your flooring needs makes all the difference. Years of stripping works to remove color from tiles and the glue holding them in place as the stripping chemicals are allowed to penetrate the floor, and when this occurs there is no other option than to replace the flooring as a whole. To prolong the life of your floor, taking advantage of modern technologies alongside tried and tested regular maintenance procedures is a safe bet that any property owner can count on.