Combating Winter Business Hazards

Combating Winter Business Hazards

There is no question that running a business successfully is a difficult task. And along with things like marketing and daily activities, business leaders have to also make sure that their guests and employees are safe throughout the year. This can be difficult during winters, when the temps drop and snow becomes likely.

Commercial properties and businesses have to stay vigilant, however and making sure that you take steps to combat the most common winter hazards that businesses can face is a must. With that in mind, here’s a rundown of some of the most common dangers to be aware of during the winter months.

Slips and Falls

Easily the most common risk that businesses can face, it’s important to remember that slips and falls don’t just occur when snow is on the ground. Frozen rain or even wet walking surfaces can play a big role as well. These issues can lead to injuries, reduced productivity, and expensive lawsuits.

As such, be sure to keep your parking lots and walking areas clear of snow and ice and make sure that any water is dealt with quickly.

Roof Collapse

A roof can generally hold around 20 to 25 pounds per square foot of space. Beyond that, risks of collapse may occur. And when snowfall is heavy, the weight can quickly add up. To prevent this issue, you’ll need to address snow and ice accumulation on the roof. If you notice a major build up, you may have to take steps to remove the snow safely.

Frozen Pipes

Pipes can easily freeze in the winter. When that happens, pressure builds up in them and they can burst. This can lead to floods within your building, lost revenue, and more. It can even trigger electrical fires and more. To prevent this issue, you’ll want to make sure that your temperatures in and around your pipes always stay above freezing. Areas that aren’t heated will need to have the pipes wrapped in insulation to keep them from freezing.

Power Outages

A power outage can make it impossible for your business to keep operating. Without power, nothing gets done. Unfortunately, you can’t stop power outages from occurring. What you can do is combat them, and the best way to do so is to invest in a generator. Smaller generators can run a few machines and lights, but large generators will be needed for major businesses and their operations.

Ice Dams

Another issue for your roof is ice dams. When the snow melts on parts of the roof with heat transfers, it may turn to water and move to the colder areas around eaves, then refreeze. When this occurs, those ice dams prevent water from escaping the roof and can quickly build up weight. Regular roof maintenance is the key here, and keeping debris clear from gutters is a must as well.

Keep Your Business Safe

These are the main problems that a business could face during the winter months. Address them and you can rest easy knowing your property, your customers, and your employees are safe – not to mention your bottom line.