Five Steps To Take After A House Fire

Five Steps To Take After A House Fire

According to the studies by the Insurance Information Institute, every 24 seconds a fire department in the US responds to a fire. A home fire occurs every 87 seconds with 6.7 billion in damages from those house fires. More sobering is that on average, 7 people a day die in house fires. So if you have been the victim of a house fire and you are ready to pick up the pieces there are some steps to take to help you get back into your home quickly and safely. Here are the steps to take.

Step One: Contact Your Insurance Company:

Contact your insurance company immediately and then the next call should be to a fire damage restoration company who can offer you same day, all in one cleanup. While it is the job of the fire department and emergency services to put the fire out, fire damage restoration services can prevent any further damage from spreading through your property.

Step Two: Get A Professional Assessment:

When the fire damage restoration company arrives they will assess the extent of the damage of your property. They will determine how far the fire, smoke and soot has traveled and how badly damaged your furniture, walls and flooring are. This allows them to understand the extent of the damage and give you a plan of action, accurate quote and estimate how long it will take. This will allow you to make arrangements for where you family will stay, and work with your homeowners insurance for payment arrangement.  

Step Three: The First Restoration Team Will Tarp and Sealing: 

After any fire, the main priority is to prevent any damage from getting worse. For example, if you had a chimney fire and the roof has a hole in it from the burn, the first thing that needs to be addressed to cover that hold to prevent more water or damage from getting into the home. Since fire damage also goes hand in hand with water damage, fire damage restoration team will quickly stop the source of the water before it causes more damage.

Step Four: The Fire Restoration Team Will Begin Cleanup:

Usually the first thing after the inspection the fire damage restoration service will do is start clearing away smoke, dust and soot from your property, All furniture is inspected to see if it can be salvaged. This is also when any water damage clean up will begin. Submersible pumps will remove standing pools of water, then they will be dried and sanitized. Odor removal is also a primary step in the cleanup as odors can linger after smoke. This may involve carpet cleaning in the room the fired occurred or even other areas of the home as well to remove the odors. Anything too badly damaged will be removed and disposed of.  

Step Five: The Fire Restoration Team Will Repair and Renovate: 

One of the last steps, your furniture will be restored or repaired if possible, cabinets will be repaired and the goal is to get your property looking as good as it was so you can return to normal as soon as possible.  

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