6 Helpful Ways To Keep Tile Floors Clean

6 Helpful Ways To Keep Tile Floors Clean

Tile floors are very good at resisting stains, and permanent damage.  Ceramic is waterproof, and it’s much harder than surfaces like wood or carpet.  However, you still need to keep a tile floor clean and stains can still be hard to remove, especially if your floor has visible grout.  If you want to make your cleaning job as easy as possible, the following tips can point you in the right direction.

1. Use Doormats And Rugs

The best way to keep a tile floor from getting dirty is to keep shoes and feet from touching it.  Doormats are great ways to keep outside dirt, mud, and snow off every type of flooring, and rugs can add a splash of color and an interesting design to hard floors like tile or wood.  You can then clean your rugs and doormats with a vacuum cleaner and by beating them in the yard.

2. Keep Shoes Away

Socks and feet carry much less dirt and mud onto floors.  That’s why many households ask family members and guests to take off their shoes at the entrance.  You can do the same thing and protect your tile, wood, carpet, and linoleum floors.

3. Clean Once Per Week

By cleaning your floors regularly, you make cleaning easier.  With tile floors you should remember to set your vacuum cleaner to its hard flooring setting, or you should bring out a broom and sweep the dust, dirt, and stray hairs away.  You should also get a mop that can free up any caked-on dirt and clean stains.

4. Clean Spills Quickly

The best way to keep something from staining your floor is to soak it up and wash the area immediately.  This lets you get the staining particles out before they have a chance to soak in and set.  Moving quickly is useful no matter what surface you look at, but the advantage of tile is that it will take much longer to soak in than it would on a carpet.

5. Use Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs have many uses.  They add a splash of decoration to your bathroom, they’re warm against your bare feet, and they’re much less slippery than a tile surface when your feet are wet.  They also absorb the many stains that would otherwise reach the bathroom floor, and they’re small and flexible enough to throw into the washing machine when you need to clean them.

6. Seal The Tiles

Tile sealant is something you can apply to your tile grout to make it much less absorbent.  This protects it from stains, plus it prevents mold growth.  A tile installation should include sealing the grout, and you should reseal the grout every few years to maintain the protection.

Tile is a very durable and effective surface, but like other flooring options you still need to clean it.  It can also help to give a tile floor a deep clean, and that’s what we can offer at Cleanerus.  Contact us today and schedule a deep, thorough clean that will soon have an old tile floor looking and smelling like new.