Maintaining Your Tile and Grout Between Cleanings

Maintaining Your Tile and Grout Between Cleanings

Tile and grout are popular options for many homeowners because of the variety of colors, sizes, and patterns there are to choose from. It is also a commonly used material for flooring because water will not damage it.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of tile and grout for the home is the level of care and maintenance that is needed to keep it all clean between professional cleanings you may schedule.

Sealing Grout

Even one of the best quality sealers won't necessarily save your grout from staining. This is because grout is porous, and any sealer you use can begin to lose its effectiveness if there is a stain on the grout that you allow to sit there.

This is more common in the heavily trafficked areas of the home.  You will find that the grout in these areas is going to look much worse than the grout that may be closer to the walls. Once you allow those stains to absorb into the grout, you will find it incredibly challenging to remove those stains even when using bleaching and a good amount of scrubbing and muscle.

Regular Maintenance

To keep your grout from always looking dirty, regular maintenance is required. To maintain your grout, you should immediately clean it once you see that it is getting dirty. This means that you may find yourself cleaning the grout once a week or more. You should also vacuum or sweep the dirt up before you clean the grout.

A pH-balanced cleaning solution is helpful for grout cleaning in combination with a soft scrub brush and clean, hot water. Once the water turns color and gets dirty, you will know it is time to freshen the water and then continue cleaning the rest of the grout. You want to do this to prevent spreading any other dirt around.

When cleaning the grout, stay clear of any abrasive cleaners and brushes that could damage your tile and wear away any sealer you have used.

Professional Grout Cleaning

With professional grout and tile cleaning, you can effectively extend the life of your tile and grout. When you scrub too hard, you risk damaging the tile and the grout, and you may not even be able to eliminate all the stains in doing so.

A professional will have access to tile and grout cleaners that will work. They also know the best technique to make everything look new and clean without causing any damage.

To avoid the risk of damaging your tile and grout and to avoid having to find the time to clean the tile and grout yourself thoroughly, you should have a professional come in on a regular basis for a fast and easy clean. They have access to the best equipment and you can rest assured knowing that your tile is taken care of.

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