Proper Way to Maintain Tile, Grout, and Natural Stone

Proper Way to Maintain Tile, Grout, and Natural Stone

When left to its own devices, tile and grout can end up looking like a mess and can be very unsightly. It is important that we take the necessary steps to make sure it is regularly cleaned and maintained so it can stay looking its very best.

Some of the most common areas you may find a fight with the cleanliness of your tile and grout include shower or tub surrounds, around bathroom sinks, kitchen counters, and other heavily trafficked areas of the home.

Shower Maintenance

The shower is undoubtedly one of the most challenging areas of any Towson home. It is important to keep it clean because of the continuous contact it has with humidity, soap, and water and little to no ventilation. However, with the proper maintenance routine, it can look good for a lot longer.

One of the biggest problems we face when cleaning our Towson showers is the mineral deposits that begin to build up, and this is especially true of homes that utilize well water. Small particles can be left behind and can then begin to cloud the glass of your shower door and leave mineral deposits on the tile walls.

The next big problem area you may face with the shower is the caulking that may begin to crack and form mildew. You should periodically change out the caulking on your shower and tub and around sinks before it has the chance to dry out, mildew, and turn a darker color.

When you replace the caulking, be careful to remove all the old before applying the new. You should also stick with a 100% silicone with a mildewcide that will offer you the best chance at fighting off future mildew.

Soap scum is the residual mess left over after we shower and can begin to build up and become really hard to clean over time. It can also cause discoloration and can be seen clinging to all areas of the shower including the curtain, walls, and floor.

Mildew and bacteria are another problem for tile and grout and can also come in many different colors including black, orange, and red. To prevent the growth of mildew, you should try to keep as much moisture and humidity out of the bathroom as possible and clean the glass doors of your shower every chance you get.

You do not want these areas to stay wet for long. If you are able to make sure they are dry, you are effectively reducing the chances of mildew growth and recurrence.

Kitchen Counter Maintenance

Finally, tile, grout, and natural stone in the kitchen may also prove to be a problem because the grout can easily become stained due to a variety of different solutions being spilled.

To help prevent this, always make sure the grout is sealed and use a cleaner on a daily basis that will not harm the seal.

Additionally, a good professional cleaning every once in a while, is also a great way to help ensure that your tile, grout, and natural stone in your home remain looking its best for longer.

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