Tips To Keep Your Commercial Tile Clean

Tips To Keep Your Commercial Tile Clean

Tile is a gorgeous, durable flooring material. Unfortunately, it is also quite difficult to keep clean, especially if you own a business in Towson. Towson, MD businesses tend to see more traffic than most, which means building managers must continually be proactive about keeping tile clean. Curious about how you could do so? Below, you’ll find a few tips that you could try to maintain your commercial tile’s like-new appearance.

Choose Quality Tile

If you have yet to install your tile, or are considering replacing your existing tile, you should try to pick a high-quality option. Although this may create a more considerable up-front cost, it could save you money in the long run. High-quality tile is more likely to outlast tile of more inferior quality. If you choose a tile of poor quality, you’re likely going to need to invest in more professional cleaners. You’re also probably going to have to replace the tile sooner.

Don’t Let Messes Sit On The Floor

One of the most significant mistakes people make is allowing messes to remain on the floor for extended periods. For instance, imagine you work in a Towson restaurant. Throughout a busy night, some food and liquids are bound to fall on the floor. When managers or staff wait until the end of the night to clean the tile, they’re jeopardizing its appearance. Once a material dries on the tile, it will be much more difficult to remove the stains. Examples also include:

1. Dust, such as in a closet or warehouse

2. Dirt

3. Debris

If something spills on the floor, make sure that you stop what you’re doing to clean it up. Not only will this keep your employees safe, but it will also likely improve the longevity of your new tile as well.

Seal The Grout Routinely

After you install new tile, you also need to make sure that you take steps to preserve it. One of the best ways to do so is with routine tile and grout sealing treatments. Although these treatments are beneficial for all types of tiles, they are particularly necessary if you have tiles of poor quality. Sealing the tile makes it easier to clean up messes, as food and debris are less likely to seep into the pores of the surface.

Additionally, many people make the mistake of using harsh chemical and bathroom cleaners on the tile when trying to keep it clean. While it’s good that they’re keeping the tiles clean, they likely don’t realize that these products scratch the surface of the tile and cause significant long-term damage. Sealing the tile and grout provides a protective barrier that keeps this from happening.

Clean Your Tiles

Although you should clean up any immediate spills, you should also look to deep-clean your tile regularly. It’s likely in your best interest to allow a professional to do so since they have products and tools available to clean an array of surfaces. Professional cleanings should be done at least once per year.