Refreshing Your Home For The Start Of The New Season

Refreshing Your Home For The Start Of The New Season

Summer is a season full of fun. However, with that fun comes quite a bit of staining in your home. Running through mud puddles after a summer storm, coming in and out after the grass has been mowed, lots of time spent outside getting dirty, and pets enjoying the nice weather all do their damage to the surfaces of your home. As summer winds down to a close and we welcome in the fall season and all it brings, it’s time to think about how to refresh your home for the start of the new season. 

Halloween parties, Thanksgiving, and the coming of the holidays are all good reasons to give your home a complete refresh, and to clear out the summertime grime for the perfect fresh new start. 

Tips For A Complete Home Refresh 

A few tips can help to get you started in refreshing your space. These tips include: 

  • Clean your carpet – Your carpet doesn’t just trap stains, it also traps dirt, dander, and odors as well. A simple carpet cleaning can make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness and look of your home. After your carpet is cleaned, you can keep it cleaner for longer by committing to no shoes worn in the home, cleaning off paws before letting dogs back inside, and banning food or drink from carpeted surfaces. While your carpet is like to need a cleaning in time for the next season, you’ll get to enjoy a fresh space for the entire duration of this one.
  • Rid your home of pet stains and odors – Summertime will usually mean long days, and if you’ve taken a day trip somewhere, a strong summer storm has rolled through, or it’s simply too hot for your dog to spend a whole lot of time outside, you might be looking at the occasional accident. Professional carpet and floor cleaning can work to eliminate these stains and odors from all flooring surfaces.
  • Tile and grout cleaning – You don’t need to reserve your cleaning for carpet alone. Tile and grout all around your home will begin to build up dirt, debris, and even mold or mildew throughout the months. Professional steam cleaning eliminates this buildup simply and gets you fresh and clean surfaces once again.
  • Take care of your upholstery – Like your carpet, your upholstery will also hold in dander, dust, dirt, stains, and odors, and it’s one of the least thought of surfaces in the home. Professional fabric cleaning can take care of your upholstery without any worry of ruining or further staining your surfaces.

Keeping Your Home Inviting 

Whether you’re taking care of summer wear and tear, or kicking the winter blues out of your home, seasonal cleaning is important. With a professional cleaning as the seasons change, you’re ready to face this new phase of the year and all it brings along with it. If you’re looking to refresh your home ahead of the fall season, contact us at Cleanerus today.