The Proper Way to Maintain and Care for Your Leather Furniture

The Proper Way to Maintain and Care for Your Leather Furniture

If you own leather furniture in Towson, then the thought of having to deep clean it may be a scary one because you are fully aware of how easy it is to damage leather. However, if you can care for your leather furniture the right way, it will remain looking its best for several years.

The following are a few simple tips you can use to properly care and maintain your leather furniture in your Towson home:

Do a Little Spot Cleaning

Accidents happen, and sometimes your leather may be exposed to the occasional spill or spot. To remedy this, simply take a slightly damp cloth to wipe the spots. The cloth does not have to be saturated or dripping with water, and you do not have to use any cleaning solutions for spot cleaning.

Using any kind of cleaning solution or other chemicals can cause some damage and even discoloration to the leather. It can also become damaged if too much water is used.

It is best to use a white cloth for spot cleaning also because there is less chance of any color transferring between the cloth and the leather. For any crumbs or other dirt, simply vacuum up the mess.

How Can I Prevent Fading?

One of the bigger problems regarding the maintenance of leather furniture is how you can keep it from fading. The first thing to counteract fading is making sure that your leather furniture stays out of the way of direct sunlight. Keep it away from open windows or leave the blinds closed. Limiting the leather’s sun exposure will help to maintain the color.

How Can I Fix Scratches?

The leather is also susceptible to scratches, and while certain products on the market claim to remedy this problem, it is always best to get a professional to come in and address any issues or damage to your leather furniture.

Once they fix the scratch, a professional will also be able to apply a special pigmentation that will make sure that the fixed area of the furniture matches the rest of the piece, so you won’t be able to tell there were any scratches or nicks.

Professional Cleaning

Like any other upholstered pieces, you may have in the home; you want to make sure that a professional cleaning is done every once in a while, to keep your furniture looking new.

Finding people that are experienced with leather materials is always the best because they know what works and what doesn’t. They have access to the cleaning solutions and tools they need to make sure that no damage is sustained during the cleaning process.

If you have leather furniture that is in need of a deep cleaning, contact us at Clean R Us today to schedule an appointment for your Towson home. We can also help repair any damage, protect the leather against stains, and we will be sure not to damage the finish.