Ways To Keep Professionally Cleaned Upholstery Looking Fresh And Pristine

Ways To Keep Professionally Cleaned Upholstery Looking Fresh And Pristine

There are lots and lots of furniture pieces that are upholstered. Couches, recliners, dining room chairs, and ottomans are but a few. They start out being beautiful to look at and add aesthetic appeal to the room. However, over time, the upholstery can begin getting dirty and dingy. So much so that rather than providing visual appeal, they throw the room's gorgeousness off. Of course, most folks, including those right here in Towson, don't have money in their budget to run right out and buy a new couch, chair, or whatever.

So, Towson residents must think outside of the box to fix their furniture's appearance without breaking the bank. One way homeowners achieve this feat is by hiring a professional company to clean the upholstered items. In other words, with only a minimal investment, the persons gain brand new looking furniture again with a soft, fresh feel. Still, the question remains though, how do you keep the upholstery in tip-top shape after the company leaves?

After all, the last thing Towson citizens want to do is spend the money for a cleaning once a week or month. There are surely much better things they can spend these funds on. So, don't go anywhere. Instead, continue reading and learn about some tips for keeping your upholstery in pristine condition.

Don't Underestimate The Usefulness Of Armrests And Slipcovers

There are particular places on furniture that tend to wear out faster than others. Armrests and slipcovers help protect these parts by absorbing oils and dirt. So, instead of the grime that you accumulated throughout the day staining the upholstery, these coverings keep the fabric safe and sound. If owners keep the items in place, the act will assist them in prolonging the life of their furniture. Plus, it will help them save some money in the long run too by preventing individuals from having to pay a cleaning company quite so frequently.

Consider Using Scotchgard On The Fabric

This fabulous product gives the furniture an invisible barrier. It is a plasticizing agent that gets into the fabric to stop dirt and grime from getting into the deep down fine fibers. If you do nothing, and the dirt gets into the fine fibers, it can break down the upholstery from the inside out. Scotchgard is available at almost any retail store, so think about picking up a can the next time you go shopping and give your furniture the protection that it deserves.

Light Cleaning Goes A Long Way

The chances are good that you have some form of cleaning routine. It likely includes things like washing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming the carpet, and taking out the trash. Add light cleaning the furniture to your list, to once again, stop oils and dirt from setting in where they can erode the fabric. If your vacuum has the correct attachments, the equipment can make the cleaning process a breeze. However, if it doesn't, a moistened clean cloth and small dust buster will do the trick.